Sunday, July 1, 2007

"What is YOUR Powerful Reason Why?"

This is the question I got slapped with in the face when I downloaded Adam J. Waters special report after subscribing to his free newsletter.

He asks,

"What moves you?
What motivates you?
What strikes that inner nerve?
Who are you doing this for? You or someone else?
Do you want to be a role model for your children?
Do you want to be in shape so you can find that special partner?
Do you have health challenges that you want to erase?
Are you tired of the insults you get from family and friends about your weight?
Is there that special someone you want to impress?
Do you want to gain respect from your peers and colleagues?
Do you want to have a career in fitness?
Finally, why are you even reading this report?"

Alrightey then, Adam, let me take a moment and see. I'll just go down the line:

a lotta things/fear and desire/bossy writers/me and a multitude/right now they're role models for me/you mean, so I might actually attract the special partner I already have? I dunno, ask me again when I get over my deep-seated resentment of him/unfortunately, recently, yes/yes/well, I'd like to especially impress someone/DEFINITELY/well, I hadn't really thought about it, Adam, but if I could regain my becoming form once again, anything's possible/because, Adam, you enticed me onto your blogspot when I read your articles on Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat Inner Circle website.

Yes, here I am, dying, crying, but still trying after all these years. I'm going to go ahead and give myself credit for that. But not much else in the way of having kept my body and health up to snuff.

Well not to be flippant, Adam, because I can tell you're really passionate about this transforming your life thing. And, BTW, kudos to you, you have done an abfab job. Guess that's what a middle-aged knowitall is doing reading your report, because I am seduced by the idea, the dream that I, too, may be able to render all the repulsive fat off , leaving behind only the lovely and svelte woman I dream is still inside this lumpen cocoon I have drug around with me all day for pretty much the past two decades.

You said it might hurt, to delve deep inside for my very own Powerful Reason Why. You weren't lyin'. Oh, not that there haven't been many hurtful episodes, and not that it hasn't affected my longterm relationship in general for years, and of course the slightly catty downglances from female associates and employees (ala Mike Myers as the character Middle-Aged Man in old SNL episodes, yelling to his embarrassed companions "Are you looking at my stomach? You're looking at my stomach, aren't you!!) ..... all those things of course are reasons why. And knowing it would make my business go through the roof, and knowing I could keep up with the "kids"... but one incident in particular....kept popping up when I thought about your question. And I knew it would drive me, although it happened a few years ago, now, it has been sitting, buried, festering...

And would you like to know what that PRW is?

I don't think I can write it down right now. Even though no one will probably read this blog, except me, which is great. I don't think I want it read yet. I'm just journaling because you said it would help, and posting, because you said it was key, accountability. I'm going to think about it for awhile, and see if I can write it down... a little later.

Okay, goodnight, Adam, wish me well.

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