Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pigs Don't Sweat, and other inconvenient truths

My apologies in advance to Mr. Gore, for scamming on your buzz-title which is already over-tritened, sir--- your beating the green drum aside and leading the global-warming rumba with your energy-use conservation model--- oh! oops, well, not so much that, but with the wanting us to share one piece of toilet paper and all that stuff ---and as an aside, if you did invent the internet, I'd like to go ahead and thank you for that, sort of just in case, because the availability of it has so thoroughly transformed my life many times. I always want to show gratitude where it is due.

But that brings me back to pigs and the internet. I was thinking on my walk the other night about what I was doing, walking. And not a stroll, mind you, a pretty decent clip, and with the dewpoint registering above 90% humidity, within twenty minutes, sweat was streaming down my face and popping up in many of the usual sweat-producing places of the human body. And that led me to look for physiological confirmation in other walker/runner/bladers on the sidewalk winding around the seawall along the bay. My observation was more sweat was evident on fluffy/plump/fat/alright...obese people than on those in better physical condition. Then my mind wandered to the impolite terms used and thoughts about this particular class of citizens, to which I currently belong, and I thought I might set about disabusing a few people of some of those mythological notions.

  1. "He/she was sweating like a pig." Pigs don't sweat. That's why it's kind of important to provide them a mud-wallow, or watering hole they can cool off in during the heat of the day. People do, but they sweat like...people. And fluffy/plump/fat/alright...obese people maybe do more than others because toxins like to hide in fat cells, they absolutely love it there, it is like a luxury condo for toxins, fat is. And the more toxins, the more sweating the body needs to squeeze the corrupted little passengers out, ergo, more fat, more toxins, more sweating. So don't be hatin' the sweatin'... it's a good thing, Martha.
  2. "Obese people need to love their bodies." Obese people need to love themselves enough to change their bodies. Depending upon the perspective, the body is at the best a temple and at the very least a vehicle. I've seen people treat their vehicles better than their bodies. No, I love myself... I have a few resentments but I'm working on squeezing those out, too... but I don't love what has become of my body. But I will...I will.
  3. "All you need is to work on your will power." Do you know how much will power it takes to stay up until all hours of the night, waiting until everyone is asleep, so you can sit undisturbed and watch re-runs of re-runs of X-Files you've seen at least nine times each, so you will have an excuse to sit and consume portion after portion of food of which you are not even fond and will later have little recollection ... just so you can feel some pseudo-semblance of filling an unfillable hole within? THAT, my friend, takes will power. Wrong-headed will power, will power from the Fat Brain, will power that is not aligned with any thing healthy or good. But will power, nonetheless. The fluffy/plump/fat/alright...obese people need to work on aligning their wills, with whatever is good, whatever is strengthening, whatever will bring them into balance with their own highest and best purpose, before they ever think about unleashing the power.
  4. "Betcher gonna get tired of just" Okay, I'll betcha. Whatcha wanna bet? Want to bet I'll fail miserably and just keep getting bigger and bigger until I explode like an overblown helium balloon? Because what's in this bet for you? That's what you're really saying, is you're just waiting around for me to have all my misery and depression refunded to me when I am unable to complete yet another attempt at self-restoration. Or you can't see how you could possibly do it, therefore, you will choose to withhold your support of my efforts, because you can't possibly believe in me more than you can believe in yourself. How about just a simple, "I think that's great! Good for you! I know you can do it!" If that wouldn't be too big of a personal cost, your belief in me, just one more time, would be greatly appreciated.

These are a sample of random thoughts that wander into my brain, unbidden, as I go on my evening walks. It occurred to me also, that the next time I posted, I should not focus entirely upon my thoughts, but what is going on with me physically. It is the 16th day of Raw Food Boot Camp, Holiday Rush 1 for me. I've released 14.6 pounds as of yesterday, and 13 out of the 16 days have walked at least an hour, and sometimes more. I have planned a schedule adding in increasing and more varied types of exercise, but for now the walks and treadmill or that leg-scissors-thingy at Shapes will do the trick. I eat raw fruit every day, a few veggies, but mostly fruit. I love fruit. I love eating raw. In this short of a time period, my sinuses have cleared, my skin texture is improving, people have told me I look as if stress has fallen out of my face, I've lost pounds and inches, and, despite the occasional de-tox symptom, I feel a clarity and energy I haven't in a long time... I truly feel great. And all because I've been eating raw fruit...and sweatin' like a pig.

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