Monday, April 21, 2008

Time Doesn't Wait for Me... or musings upon how much weight I could have lost the past seven weeks if I'd been present in my life keeps on going. Time. Just walks on past whether you notice or not.

I've been a lousy blogger, a mediocre wife, a less-than-sterling mother, and fairly non-participatory in my own thoughts the past seven weeks. How did that happen? Guess I just got too caught up in chasing a buck or two and the issues of others, and a new business project I am hoping will bear some fruit... and speaking of fruit, I'm back on the cart. Betcha didn't even know I'd been dragging my toe in the dirt, didja?

Perhaps after I hit Onederland (that's when your numerical weight reaches the centennial range) I went a little stir crazy, got a touch of carbo fever, I dunno... thought I'd play around with, hmmmm, how is it going to feel on maintenance once I get there in another 40-50 pounds? Wonder if that happens to everyone... I'd love a poll from any of you weight-release addicts out there. I've read others having a similar reaction at various watershed moments in their weightloss journeys... so I'm not alone I'm pretty sure. But I'm certainly glad to be back in the saddle and riding out of this Valley of the Wasteland of Entropy.

Luckily I did no real damage to what I'd accomplished, with the help of my wonderful online support group and several wonderful ladies who email and call me and encourage me regularly. And I am prepared for the second half of the onslaught. ... the chocolate's lovely, dark, and sweet, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I eat... with apologies to the late Mr. Frost.


Kerri said...

Never hurts to be a spotty blogger when that's what's working for you, my friend. But I'm glad to have a spot to catch up with you again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Miss Priss, it's way time now to get back to a plan and lose the rest of the weight. We don't have to be lank and lean, skinny or mean but we need to get close to our healthy weight and figure out how to stay there.

I was very glad to hear your throaty little voice tonight!

I always miss you . . . Julie

Anonymous said...

Dearest T., I've never commented on a blog before. Guess that reveals how time has aged me!

This post is really well-written! and so true. You're so close to your goal. Can't u just taste it!? Doesn't it taste better than anything else u have teasing you?

I know you're gonna be there. and you'll look back and say "That was some journey!" Hugs, Ellen

belovedhadassah said...

You are worth all the effort and presence of mind it takes to release the weight!

indigo warrior said...

These things they happen. What you should know is that you are very much loved and appreciated and it would be nice if you'd take really good care of yourself. The fruit cart is a great place to be.

blessings and peace, Pammie

Anonymous said...


Where are you keeping yourself these days? Is the the Texas month and are you back now and ready to roll again? A few of your interesting thoughts would perk up my day and let me know how you're doing.