Sunday, July 13, 2008

OMG I cannot Believe...

...this is the first post since mid-April.... where did I go in my head? How could I just ignore myself and my own goals for that long?

Well, it happened. I think I tried to return for a while to a life I was loath to leave. I think I could not believe that I truly had a problem with food... I had just become overweight for nineteen years...those just slipped away too.

I am finishing working on my body, and then I'll work on whatever other changes I need to make in my life. I am ultrasimplifying myself, that is, write my daily notes and follow them, but keep it simple, and don't overplan. I have one giant goal to reach, and that is to continue to drop the extra weight and toxins until I feel right... I'm not even going to tell myself a particular weight or size anymore, I'll just know when I get there. And as far as exercise, I'm a member of a lovely athletic club, and I live within four miles of one of the places I go for business, and I intend to walk everywhere whenever possible. Which will have the added benefit, along with contributing to my physical health, of reducing my carbon footprint in the world... something I do care about greatly.

So if anyone thinks they can return to any old behaviour in the middle of recovering one's life and health, and continue to be successful, I'm here to vote no. And if you have food issues-- anorexia-bulimia-overeating-comfort-eating- think you can do very at controlling it for awhile and then it went away, I'd say I disagree. And if you've been successful at weightloss and you think surely I would never gain the weight back again after I've lost it and seen how much better life can be, I'd advise you to, no matter how insane that would be, think again.

One thing I've learned, if it's possible for one of us to do these things, it's possible for any one of us to do that... I did.

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