Friday, August 29, 2008

Becoming Princess Phatso, One Year at a Time...or, I can start my year over anytime I wish

...and I wish it to be right now.

If an advanced degree could be awarded in starting over, or if they had a Bounce-back B.A., I'd have so many skins on my wall, it would bleat at nighttime.

Actually I am not starting over so much as I am tightening up, because since I began my weightloss efforts in earnest last October, I have never truly let go. I did think I'd be at goal within the year, but apparently that is not to be the case...this year. The thing I am most pleased about is how I am unable to abuse myself with food to the extent I once was. I am definitely a progressionist over perfectionist, so I'm going with that as a positive accomplishment. And I have managed to keep 51 of the 62 pounds I lost, off.

I am more returning to the spin cycle of my life laundry... it is time for once again devoting the extreme attention to wringing out the last 50 or so pounds of my journey. I have paused halfway for way too long, and enjoyed the progress I've made too much, as opposed to getting on with it so I can enjoy the complete triumph.

I have always enjoyed Tom Venuto's blog-- what an intense, driven, honest, gut-level, caring and giving guy he is! I have read him for about three years now and I think he and the work he has done and what he has given back to people at large is just phenomenal. I am not into eating the amount or kinds of protein he mainly advocates, but I am not saying it's not healthy...and different things work for different folks. He is great on bodybuilding and recovering one's physical health. He had a powerful motivation strategy I'm adopting right now... I always knew it worked. Being reminded of it is just one of the primary examples of how and why we ought to continually keep ourselves in front of some sort of audience to provide enough external motivation for us to keep on keeping on. Because not one of us--- no, not one--- has sufficient, continual internal motivation to do what we need to do in order to keep the heat turned up on achieving difficult goals, and they are ALL difficult. So, as Tom reminded me, if you don't have an external motivation, create one.

My new goal is to have lost fifty pounds by December the 1st, this year. 90 days. Yep, I'm doing a 90-day transformation. Stick around to either have your betting against me doing it validated, or to cheer me on despite all odds. I'll take both as motivation! I'll post a link to my fitday log at the bottom of the blog, and a new goal counter so you can see where I'm at... oh, and I'll take before and after pics, but not in a swimsuit with my gut trying to escape down to my knees, oh, hell no!

And I'll actually share some of my real dreams I'd like to make happen after I get what's left of my body back. Hope to be getting feedback soon. And thank you all for's been a lovely post.

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Beloved said...

Shalom, Precious Princess PHAT!

I'm with you on the 50 lbs gone in 90 days. I had planned to start a 90 day challenge anyway tomorrow, Labor Day. Now that I know you are doing one too, it's just way more fun sounding!!! I will email you my starting weight tomorrow and I'll use my last RFBC pics for my before pics. YAY! I'm excited for both of us!