Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Princess Comes Full Circle

Wow... time has flown...NOT. This year has felt like a decade. Ups and downs and spirals. But I guess that is pretty much how most people have felt recently.

On Tuesday I am planning to get up early, go down to my polling place, Palma Ceia Baptist Church, cast my votes, and promptly go on my 2008-campaign- and TV-fast for the rest of the day, whereby any visual clue of anything remotely related to Campaign '08 will be met with a turned head, the hand, and if audio is involved, possibly the lalalalalalalalala-I-can't-hear-you treatment. I will place myself in a controlled environment where my senses do not have to be assaulted by political pollution, where I am in control of the sounds wafting to my ears, and will remain out of touch with news of the outside world for at least 24 hours. I will go into my happy place and wait until the shouting and screaming is all over. I will wake up the next day and discover in what manner the American people have chosen to be screwed the next four years, and then I will go shopping for the appropriate lubricant, and carry on.

That being said today is the official re-launch of my detoxifying plan for my body and mind. I've already begun, nay, I've never completely abandoned the plan I began last October. I was able to shed 62 pounds of toxins by the end of February this year, and felt and looked pretty darn good. Alas, I've allowed several pounds of toxins to re-enter my temple, and now they must be summarily dealt with, in addition to several other toxic closets which need removal.

I know what works, and there are so many good places to go and find support for basic healthy living whether you want to shed weight or not...I just discovered Doug Kaufmann, with his highly informative experts like Tullio Simoncini, M.D. (a good doctor) and Suzy Cohen, a pharmacist who thinks 'outside the pill,' and believes though prescribed medicine is needed at times, natural solutions exist and are often safer than drugs. Doug's site is fabulous, with videos, and articles and fascinating discoveries about the link between cancer and fungi. He offers detailed advice about how starving fungus would reverse the symptoms that contribute to so many health problems we Americans suffer from! And of course I continually find great info on Dr. Mercola's website--- I use his sublingual vit-D spray and am looking forward to getting the Krill oil. All of these resources fall right in line with what I'd discovered about sticking with mainly raw fruits and veggies, alkalinizing my body as much as possible--- that meant cutting out acid-producing foods -- not necessarily acidic foods!--- which would mean eschewing meat and dairy, and not turning to substitutes which could cause as many problems, like processed soy products. Easy on the good fats, too, even EVOO, walnuts, almonds, and I have read grave warnings from many sources about avoiding things grown IN the dirt that have a high degree of contamination, like peanuts and mushrooms and corn. Basically I eliminated the FIVE EVIL WHITES (at least for the initial detoxifying stage)-- flour, sugar, salt, dairy, and meat-- oh but all meat is not white, you say, to which I reply, it is all permeated to some degree or another with white fat. When I'm red hot and rollin' on this hot tamale train of a program, I will treat myself with raw wild salmon from time to time and fermented juice of the vine.

Okay, I didn't just shed the weight that way, I also began walking every day at least one hour, and although to say I was faithful every day would be a lie, for five months I never went longer than one day in between without walking-- and sometimes adding toning exercises. And I stayed in touch with others who had similar goals, which I shall do again this time. I have a very special friend, who is my JEWEL, who has shed more than 80 pounds of toxins and kept it off for a few years now. She is my mentor and my coach for the rest of this journey, and has been a rock for me throughout. I've also had the support of several dear friends and family members, and I am so blessed and grateful to be able to count on them as well.

So with no further ado, it is time for me to finish my alkalinized water (I also love to use the Super Green powders from time to time), don my running shoes, and get the bod down to the bay for a wonderful walk in this delightful crisp fall weather. I've come full circle from a year ago, but I'm a few levels up on the spiral, and I can see light above.

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